Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are starting to feel all the festive holiday vibes as the days get colder. I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market on the weekend and wanted to give you my honest opinion and review in case you haven’t been yet and are wondering what to expect.

When you first arrive it is really exciting, especially if you are like me and it normally takes you until the third week of December to get into the Christmas spirit. The entirety of Jack Poole Plaza is crowded with Christmas cheer and decorations that make you feel as though you’re in an actual Christmas village or movie.

But, I will say it is crowded in more ways than one. There is quite the lineup to get into the event and as far as I know there isn’t a capacity limit so it definitely felt a little bit too jam packed for my liking. There is also a fee for tickets to enter which seems odd – like you are paying to go to a mall. But, since it comes only once a year I have to say it’s overall worth it to pay.

TIP: If you are going there to take your time and look at everything from booth to booth, I would suggest going earlier in the day to avoid the crowds around dinner time or in the evening. The night time vibe is absolutely lovely with the illuminated lights but if your priority is to actually get some shopping done, try not to go at night.

I would recommend trying to have your visit line up wth lunch though because the food was incredible! My mom and I got some German vegan sausages on a bun with sauerkraut and it was absolutely fantastic.

We also went to the “Brewery Brothers” booth and got hot chocolates. It was delicious.

Another big tip and reminder I have is: DON’T FORGET to bundle up because there is A LOT of standing still and waiting in lineups and I was absolutely freezing because I opted for an outfit that was cute and not super practical haha.

The booths ranged from homemade knitted toques, to handmade juices and food items, to incredibly unique Christmas decorations and German items. You will surely find something exciting and interesting for those on your shopping list. The prices were also very reasonable and the people were all very pleasant and kind.

So would I recommend it? Yes! But again, try to avoid the crowds as much as possible and BUNDLE UP! It’s cold out there!

Be festive with the family, stay warm, find great gifts, eat yummy food and most importantly have fun!

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-Kate Tattersall