Cartoons are must when you are a kid, I know they were when I was younger. I can still remember getting up early on a Saturday morning and watching cartoons all day with a big bowl of cereal. The one that I would never ever miss which was on after school during the week as well was Scooby-Doo. I loved that show, I mean I loved that show. I still to this day am a very inquisitive person and need to know why people do what they do and solve mysteries. I guess that makes sense as to why I loved Scooby-Doo, now of course I had other favourites as well but I would never miss my Scooby-Doo, never.

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Two cartoons that I watched every Saturday were the well know series The Flintstones. Until the Simpsons broke it, The Flintstones was the longest running cartoon on TV. I liked the Flintstones because their pet was a Dinosaur. Who didn’t want a Purple Dinosaur for a pet when they were growing up???

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What cartoon did you love when you were a kid?