Do you have kids at home who complain about having to do their chores?

Especially in the summertime? Well, you might want to tell them this…

A new study we came across here South of the Fraser from the University of Minnesota reveals that kids who do chores are more likely to be successful than those who don’t.

According to Researcher Shane Owens in Fatherly Magazine :

“The skills that kids learn early will last for most of their lives.

Chores: teach kids skills that they will need to survive on their own – and to get along with others.

Chores: teach kids how to take care of themselves – and to be a cooperative, productive member.

Kids who do chores learn to organize their time , and to delay gratification.

Both of those are vital skills for later success.”

The researchers add…

“Kids cannot learn to do these unless they are provided the opportunity and expected to do chores like cleaning up after themselves, helping with cooking, doing the dishes, and laundry.

A kid who learns early (to do chores) will be a more generous and cooperative partner in life.”