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1) Lucy Lawless who played ‘Xena in ‘Xena Warrior Princess says she’s open to reviving the hit 90s series but not as a TV series.

“To be honest with you I don’t want to do a TV series, I always hated action, I don’t want to live that life, but for a movie I can do a little bit. I’m 51 now, I don’t want to live everyday learning stunt fights and getting pounded into the ground, those days are done, but I’m open to a movie.”

Xena Warrior Princess ran from 1995 to 2001.

Lawless currently stars in the Australian murder mystery TV series ‘My Life is Murder’


2) Kim Kardashian is in hot water after a photo surfaced on Instagram of six year old daughter North West wearing a nose ring!

Kim’s Mom Kris Jenner posted the photo at a kids birthday party over the weekend.

After getting a lot of heat online that West is too young to sport a nose stud, Kardashian quickly captioned the caption ‘ ‘ “Fake nose ring alert!”

It isn’t the first time the reality stars been judged for her parenting decisions.

In May she posted a photo of her son sleeping on his stomach with blankets all around him, people firing back saying his positioning could cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


3) And don’t expect to see Katy Perry in Playboy anytime soon.

In a recent interview the ‘California Gurls’ pop singer said she prefers to keep some things to the imagination.

“That’s showing all your kids and I always want to keep a couple aces up my sleeve. Plus, it’s a fine line to tease and just give it away and I like to be considered more of the tease, so unfortunately guys, you’re never gonna get it!’

Nice to know there’s some wholesome women left in this world! 

And that’s your Tuesday Pulse FM Hollywood News!