At my house, if there is not something in the washer or dryer – you are getting behind.

We are always washing something in this family of 5 humans + 2 dogs.  The pillows, the sheets, the clothes, the shoes.  I throw everything in the washer.  And then of course, there’s the wash the washer cycle.

If I had to sort through everyone’s clothes and put everything away, it would never ever do.

My laundry hack is to do a load of just one person’s laundry.  Then if it doesn’t get folded immediately (RARE) they have their own basket to go through or even fold themselves.  My children don’t have much in the way of white or delicate clothing so it’s fine to throw it all in together.

My towels aren’t folded delicately in a linen closet nor are my dishcloths.  Towels go in a big basket in my bathroom because we use so many, and if I kept them in the hall closet there would be a lot of wet naked people walking around this house.  Dish cloths and towels are dumped in a drawer.  Many would coil in horror upon seeing my drawers but as long as things are tucked away and easy to find when I need them, I am good to go.

Do what works!  Sometimes it’s all about survival mode and laundry is technically never done (unless you are a nudist).