Someone asked me the other day what class was I good at in High School. I’ll have you know that I actually graduated with honours and received a few scholarships, I know shocking right? I was always on the honour too, blowing your mind? When I was asked I immediately replied with Law, I loved my Law 12 class, I had 98%.  You would think I would have become a lawyer, I actually did think about it. However I was always drawn to the arts as well, I loved drama class.  Acting was always and still is a passion of mine to this day.



I was fortunate enough to have a great history teacher. Up until that point, I could have cared less who was the first Prime Minster. Mr. Casement changed all of that. He made history fun. Plus, he was a teacher that would tell us what the subject of the final exam would be. I sat in the parking lot of a McDonald’s one afternoon before the exam, wrote the answers down on piece of paper and handed them in with my final exam. I got a 94. I still don’t know who the first Prime Minster was though.



So what were you good at in High school?