The days are getting shorter. The attention-span must be greater.

After recently watching a near miss from dash-cam footage the DPD released from a near miss between a pedestrian and vehicle from this past Tuesday, we have to realize we are not safe on our roads.

Not at this time of year.

Time after time we see some ridiculous driving.

This morning for instance, I watched a gentleman – at the last second – realize he wanted to get his coffee and muffin at Starbucks and was going to miss the left turn to get into the strip mall at KGB and 152nd. His immediate action (without even a shoulder check) was to hang a sharp left from the right lane.


(Video Courtesy Of: Delta Police Department)

My vehicle was less than 40 feet from his car.

What would have happened if it had been 4 feet.?

I held my tongue when I saw him in the coffee shop but trust me, I didn’t want to.
This time of year – especially when it’s dusk or dark, it’s imperative we watch out where were going.

And as a pedestrian you must be aware of what vehicles are doing.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people crossing in the location of the studios here at highway and 10 152nd wearing all black, and not crossing at the intersection.

Two people have lost their lives already this year, and I’m afraid because of mainly stupidity, there’s more deaths or serious injury to come.

Let’s be careful as drivers and pedestrians.

Let’s both be aware.

Let’s live.