On Tuesday, Levi’s will launch Levi’s SecondHand, its first buy-back program allowing customers to purchase secondhand jeans and jackets on Levi.com while also giving customers the opportunity to turn in their worn jeans and jackets in Levi’s stores for a gift card towards a future purchase.

Levi’s has made the buy-back system simple. Sellers who bring their unwanted Levi’s denim to Levi’s stores will receive a $15-$25 credit for denim that can be resold and $30-$35 in credit for vintage denim. For Levi’s jeans that are too worn-out to be resold, the brand will offer the seller a $5 credit towards a future purchase and will proceed to recycle the garment.

All of these secondhand items will then be available on the Levi’s SecondHand marketplace microsite at affordable prices ranging from approximately $30-$100.