I had a bit of sticker shock as I bought my ferry tickets this week.  Children are ages 5-11 and adults are 12 & up.  Really?  Sure, my 12 year old is taller than me. But should those 6 months really cost $10 more?!  I’m not going to lie.  I waffled for a moment.  Would anyone really check his ID?  Do I even have ID for him?  I tend to get really anxious about rules so I did the right thing and paid for an adult ticket.  (The person taking the tickets didn’t even glance at it!)

I have never fibbed when it comes to paying admission prices, mostly because my kids have big mouths and are also abnormally tall for their ages. Is it worth it to fib?  Is it really hurting anyone?

Everyone has a different system of charging for adult fares – but if children are taking up a seat whether on an airplane, in a movie theatre, or on a ferry, shouldn’t they pay the same?  If 5 and under are free, it really stinks when you’ve got to pay for that freshly turned 6 year old, especially if you’re one of those crazy ones who has a full minivan to pay for!