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Right now if your streaming movies, etc there’s a good chance that you do it using Netflix. Although Crave is getting there for the most part it’s still Netflix that’s rules the roost. (as it were)

That’s may be changing sooner than later.

Apple TV Plus is launching in Canada this year and is cheaper than any other streaming platform.

(Pardon me if I’m wrong but didn’t Apple have a streaming service before? You bought the Apple Box and you could stream from that. No?)

Anyway, one thing that has got people talking is the price.


Apple TV Plus will be launching in Canada in less than 2 months with a release date of November 1st. That’s just a few days before Disney+ is set to have it’s international release in Canada on November 12.

If your interested Disney+ will be 8.99/month.

And does anyone even remember how much Netflix is. I have it and have to be honest with you, I never check to see how much it now costs.

(I should probably check)