There’s so much to talk about this summer. Some of it is pretty intense. Newly proposed ICBC Rates put an increased emphasis on drivers, heat this summer, forest fires and the list goes on. There is a way to catch a break and it’s right here in the garden.

Egan Davis is a Red Seal Horticulturist and Chief Instructor at the UBC Botanical Garden Horticulture Training Program. Yup, he’s the real deal and a real nice guy. So, when he agreed to join me and Vanessa on Pulse Mornings we were legitimately stoked.

Being in the garden, I have discovered, is one easy way of slowing things down in this speedy, chaotic, uncertain world we live. And, that’s a good thing, if only for a short reprieve.

Egan has often said on a variety of radio shows I’ve hosted, when it comes right to it gardening is kind of funny or odd in that there is only one spring and only one summer per year. Odds are by then we’ll all be much older from the time we started. It’s nature’s way, if we’re lucky. Besides he assures anyone who will listen it’s not anything anyone can’t learn quickly if only we try. Meet you in the garden.

Listen to our Pulse Mornings interview with Egan Davis here.

(photo of Egan Davis courtesy of Coast Reporter)

Ian Power