“You’re going to get arthritis in your thumbs,” Ian Power tells me just about every week when he sees me typing fast and furious in my spare moments before we go on-air.

Maybe, but this mom needs to get stuff done and it’s me and my trusted little assistant I carry everywhere I go!  I manage just about every aspect of life through a digital app.  Shopping lists, schedules, weather, library books, school events, photos and more.

It came to me JUST HOW MUCH I use my phone as it had to go in for a warranty service and I had to send it to the phone doctor for a refresh. My go-to phone is a Google Pixel.  Anytime I have upgraded, I just log in and it’s like my trusted buddy is back.  Ok, Google!

However, my loaner phone is an iPhone with just [shudder] 16GB of storage, so I have to pick and choose carefully which apps really make my world go around.  In the past week, I realized just how much I rely on my little helper.

Address of the game: TeamSnap.  Coffee along the way: Starbucks App (gots to get my points, obviously).  Training schedule for my run: Runkeeper.  Working out at the gym: Google Music or Stitcher for podcasts.   Not to mention having none of my Bluetooth devices attached.  Can you hear the tiny violin?

Trying to see how long it would take me to get home, I asked, “Hey Siri, how long will it take me to get home from here?” and she rightfully answered, “I don’t know your home address. In fact, I don’t know anything about you.” Sad emoji face.  No, no you don’t.