Being a mother is no easy task. It is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it summed up in a bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed. Mother’s day has been around as long as greeting card companies have been writing cheesy prose. For all moms are, for all moms do why have we picked just one day to recognize the single most important influence in our lives? It’s a start, but not nearly enough. Where do you begin to show all of your heartfelt gratitude? It’s unlikely to be in a card or brunch at the club or a box of chocolates. While these are fine they miss the point. It seems to me there is much more gravitas to be found in a conversation and the gift of your time, even if it is only by phone or Skype. I am not for a moment discounting school age children who make a card or a craft or a video to mark the occasion. What I am really questioning is why it has taken me this long to fully appreciate what it means to be a mom. It truly is one of the most under rated (unpaid) jobs. It is filled with long hours, messy chores and a myriad of emotions that might be compared to the old wooden roller coaster at Playland where it’s up and down and all around. Moms have strength and intestinal fortitude, but can be vulnerable to their own worry and want of what everyone else expects of them. Yet we pay lip service once a year to the one person (possibly more in some cases) with the hardest job in the world. To my mom and to the mother of my children thank you for all you have done and continue to do. And, to anyone reading this who is missing their mom may their memory always be a blessing. Let’s find other days and other ways to be sure always, moms the word.

Ian Power