So…..I finally gave in. But not really.

After hearing a few of of my friends and other people in my circle have gotten botox, a month ago or so I started to become interested. Like most women in their 30s I’ve started to get lines around my eyes, and a little line in the middle of my eyebrows (from all my frowning at my fiance obviously! I dare you to find any wife who doesn’t have one!)

Anyways the reporter in me wanted to learn more.

I went to a clinic in Burnaby that shall remain nameless where this really nice woman looked over my face (terrifying!) where I point blank asked her if she thinks I need to have work done on my eyes. Her response? “I actually find the lines around your eyes really pretty.” UM, WHAT?! ISN’T THAT THE LAST THING YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SAY?!

Yeah she said, I wouldn’t touch them.

She did recommend I get a bit of botox between my eyebrows to prevent my 11 line from growing deeper, but you know what, all it took was that one comment from her to know botox wasn’t for me.

You’re right, lines are pretty! Seriously, look at Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields. They’re all gorgeous and full of lines! I don’t know about you but I find their faces way prettier and far more interesting than wax figurines like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Nicole Kidman.

Of course it’s up to each woman what she chooses to do with her face. If you hate the look of lines, you do you. But can we please agree it’s time to change the narrative on what lines represent. Lines = wisdom. Lines = a life lived. Lines = BEAUTIFUL.

Seriously, we’re in this age of feminism. If men can rock them, so can women.

And to think I have a botox practitioner to thank for “smoothing” out my worries.