A New Westminster family who is being evicted from their rental unit due to the noise their 3 year old child was making,
is calling the arbitrator in the case “extremely one sided”.

Tenant Matt Astifan’s family has been renting from Port Royal Village Developments on Salter Street in New Westminster since 2017.

Since that time, the Landlords say they gave the family at least 2 written notices because the child was heard “running, stomping, and banging” by the tenants below them, on multiple occasions.

They also offered the tenants alternative living accommodations.

The Astifan family say it is “unfortunate” that they are being evicted from their home due to the noise complaints of their 3 year old son.

The family is expected to be out of the unit by the end of the month, as per the desicion made by BC’s Residential Tenancy Branch.