Life’s sweetest moments seem to come at the most random times. When you least expect it, mainly because you weren’t looking, a moment of validation comes your way. I’m not talking about the number of likes on Facebook or Instagram or even retweets on Twitter. All of that is nice, but seem so superficial at times. This past week I experienced a much more visceral moment, not once, but twice, each with its own reward. Of the many phone calls and messages we receive there are two that standout. Vanessa and I were giving away passes on Pulse Mornings to the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival and two of our winners had similar stories to tell. Each had been in their car in the morning and while finding their usual diet of over inflated, Toronto driven morning radio simply was not cutting it they scanned the dial and “accidentally” discovered Pulse Mornings on 107.7 Pule FM. That discovery, in both cases, has lead to two more people who have become regular Pulse FM listeners. Two more listeners added to the Pulse FM family. That is rewarding in of itself.  Our very existence as a radio station is built on the premise of community, one listener at a time. Ok, granted two in this case, just bear with me on the math. Our owners are insistent upon the premise we will build a better radio station one listener at a time. You see it’s more than a promise, it is in our daily DNA, lead by local ownership who truly walk the talk. We are building real and lasting relationships with the communities south of the Fraser. It isn’t simply lip service it is our mantra that each and every one of us practice daily. We are here to reflect the community for all its wins and losses, its good, bad and yes, even its ugly. We don’t wear rose coloured glasses (well it’s true Neil does, but that’s purely a fashion statement), we will always try to be upbeat and positive and family friendly, but nor will we hide when darkness befalls us. That is also our part of responsibility to respond with leadership in news, information, music and friendship for the benefit to all living in the Pulse FM nation. So, to be validated in any way for simply doing your job is always rewarding it is even more profound when it comes from new family friends at a time when it is least expected. So, allow me to say thank you, yes you, for reading this blog, for responding to our call to help in the community and especially for listening each day to 107.7 Pulse FM. This is just the start of a beautiful friendship!

Ian Power