Going from one child to two, from two to three, or even from three to four… which is hardest?  I mean once you have three, it must just be easy to add on kids?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan famously said, “You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.”  Seems accurate.

In my experience, there is always a period of adjustment, of course.  And it will always depend on so many factors.

With two kids, it is a little easier to keep track of who is doing what.  One might be watching TV while you tend to an infant.  Or the infant is sleeping and you can play with your older child.  Things can get tricky depending on the age difference and how “busy” your child is.

As tricky as it is to maintain some kind of order in the home, it can get crazy once one or more kids are going to school and activities.  A deadline for getting out of the house can be helpful in staying focused, but it can also create chaos. Why is pick up time always during the younger one’s naptime?!

Fast forward to kids in school and multiple activities.  This is when the 3+ kids crowd really needs a hand. Living in Surrey, you’re bound to have activities all over this city and probably into Langley or White Rock too.  Calendar planning is a true art.  This is where I personally felt the  challenge, once my youngest (#3) started doing activities and I had to start dealing with multiple conflicts.  I also formed less bonds with my youngest (who has the time?!) so I did not have that network of people she’d willingly take a ride with.

It’s different for everyone, but each child will add a level of complexity to life that you’ll have to learn to navigate… but it is 100% always worth it.