Guys, I’m KINDA excited.

January 27th – February 2nd is ‘PC Optimum Points Days’ where oh my gawd, you can collect points on almost anything at Superstore!

2,500 points on toilet paper, 8,000 points when you buy $20 of sparkling water….ooooo baby, did someone turn up the heat?!! Seriously, better than Christmas!





















Anyone who knows me knows I became obsessed with collecting points on my maternity leave(what else are you going to do ha?). Last year I must’ve gotten at least $500 off groceries, $200 off a new TV, the list goes on! It really does pay to collect (as my fiance says, just stop telling people about it, you sound psycho ha!)

Well, apparently I’m not the only fanatic!

Pulse listener Pepper says is also obsessed. Not only that, she also gave me a list of people to follow on Insta who can give you more tips on shopping, meal planning, and saving at the grocery store!




Listen to Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra’s interiew with Pepper: