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Yvonne had all but given up trying to lose weight after a decade of struggle. The Cloverdale resident went through a personal trauma about ten years ago and with pain came the pounds.

“It just kind of puts you in a depression, you don’t want to go out, don’t take any pictures,” says Dionne


“I tried different weight loss programs, tried different things, but I wasn’t committed enough because I just wasn’t in the right head space. You need to be in the right head space to take something on.”

In January, the weight loss gods answered.

Yvonne had just jumped into her car to head to work like any other morning when she heard a commercial for Pulse FM’s FlabULess to Fabulous contest where listeners could enter to win personalized weight loss coaching sessions with Pharmasave Sullivan Square.

(Listen to the commercial below!)

“I literally was programming my car when I came across it. I went straight to work and signed up, I think it was just timing, I felt ready, I think it just happens when it’s the right time.”

Yvonne and another lucky listener ended up winning the FLabULess contest.

(Listen to the two winners names announced on 107.7 Pulse FM below!

The friendly Cloverdale resident got down to business stat. She signed up for Pharmasave’s Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program in February taught by Happy Boyal who herself has successfully gone through the program and is passionate about helping others acheive the same success.

“This program is very educative. We want to make sure people not only lose weight but they will learn for the future how to maintain it so after they leave here, they’re very confident. They know the proper food combinations to use to maintain a healthy weight.”

Like most women, Yvonne loves carbs (“Any cheese I’m there!) and pasta which is why Happy put her on an ‘alternating phase-one program’ where instead of restricting carbs altogether, she’s allowed to have one portion a day. She also significantly increased her protein portions.

Yvonne says she’s surprised how easy the program has been to follow.

“The eating plan itself isn’t hard, it’s quite easy, because I’m committed to it. An average day for me is an Ideal Protein (IP) shake for breakfast, salad with a protein for lunch, an IP shake for a snack, protein and vegetables / salad for dinner, then another IP shake at night.”

Yvonne has weekly weigh-ins where her body mass index is weighed along with her general weight to keep track of her progress.

In just over two months she’s lost more than 20 pounds and dropped FOUR pant sizes.

However that isn’t to say there haven’t been temptations.

Yvonne works for a seafood purchasing company where there’s always food lying about. Turns out isn’t seafood that’s the temptation, but yummy, baked processed food that the old her would reach for in a second.

“There’s birthdays and cakes all the time, but that’s ok, I haven’t been tempted TOO much. There’s a lot of it, thats there, it’s an everyday challenge, but it’s always going to be there so I have to learn to work around it and deal with it. Just avoid, get up and walk away, leave for a few minutes until it’s all dispersed.”

Boyle says in a realistic world, it’s ok to once in a while have that piece of cake. The key is moderation and knowing what foods to pair together to maintain a healthy weight.

“ It’s ok to have that pasta but instead of having it with Alfredo sauce, have it with a tomato basil sauce instead.”


Boyle is available anytime on text and cell to give words of guidance whenever there’s confusion over food or temptations to stray  from the eating plan. Clients are also supplied with daily videos to watch at home as they continue their journey towards a happier, healthier self!

To sign up for the Pharmasave wait loss program, click here!