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Halloween is around the corner! Time to get in the Pulse FM Freeway Mazda cruiser,
check out cool things and give free stuff to people!

This week we visited the Halloween Scream Train at Bear Creek Park.

Right as I got out of the vehicle, I noticed the golden fall leaves,
the quiet but lively atmosphere of the park,
and the people running around the track.

I arrived at the train station, and walked into the lobby.

The atmosphere was everything you’d want it to be for the entrance to a haunted train track.
The wood spoke as you stepped on it,
and the leaves covered the tracks as far as the eye could see.

The further the tracks went, the spookier the atmosphere,
which is a testament to all the staff.

The owners were incredibly respectful while I was there,
and deserve a ton of admiration for the way they run the train.

Had an absolute blast hanging out with everyone!

All the actors and actresses had fantastic makeup,
and were ready to scare all passengers who dared brave the terror train.

So, from an excellent staff of actors, to a terrific yet terrifying atmosphere,
the spooky train at Bear Creek Park is absolutely a must see for anyone looking
for some Halloween fun south of the Fraser.

Written by Cole Marton of the PULSE FM Street Team