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For the first time in world freestyle history, 15-year old Isamu Yamamoto of Japan performed a run using two skateboards that earned first place and $3,000 in prize money.
Isamu Yamamoto wins professional final on two boards

Isamu Yamamoto wins professional final on two boards

“It’s the first time ever in skateboard history that the winner did tricks using two skateboards at the same time,” said contest producer and Canadian professional skateboarder Kevin Harris. “I dropped the microphone and went over and gave him a hug. No one has ever seen it before in a world competition. It’s a game changer.”

Ten-year-old Yuzuki Kawasaki from Japan nearly made history himself, finishing second overall in the professional division, taking home $2,000. Had he won; he would have been the youngest ever professional winner in international competition.

Yuzuki Kawasaki


Yuzuki Kawasaki, 10, finishes second in professional final

Other notable accomplishments include Mirei Tsuchida of Japan, the only female competitor who finished fourth in the amateur finals, and father and son team of Masahiro Fujii, 46, and Yuta Fujii, 13, of Japan. Yuta narrowly beat his father to finish 8thth in the professional finals.

Eleven-time world champion Guenter Mokulys, 55, finished fifth in the professional finals.

“He could be a grandfather to some of these kids and he’s still out there competing professionally with them,” said Harris. “What other sport does this kind of generational competition happen in? Not many.”

Professional Final Results

  • 1st Isamu Yamamoto, Japan – 291
  • 2nd Yuzuki Kawasaki, Japan – 282
  • 3rd Mike Osterman, USA – 279
  • 4th Jacob Whitt, USA – 271
  • 5th Guenter Mokulys, Germany – 268
  • 6th Ikkei Nagao, Japan – 267
  • 7th Stefan “Lillis” Akesson, Sweden – 264
  • 8th Yuta Fujii, Japan – 262
  • 9th Masahiro Fujii, Japan – 258
  • 9th Pete Betti, USA – 258
  • 10th Felix Jonsson, Sweden – 253
  • 10th Denham Hill, England – 253

Amateur Final Results

  • 1st Cristobal Bahamonde, Chile – 271
  • 2nd Josh Dunstone, Australia – 269
  • 3rd Nick Beaulieu, USA – 256
  • 4th Mirei Tsuchida, Japan – 248
  • 5th John Sawyer, USA – 227
  • 6th Jordan Sterling, Canada – 226
  • 7th Andreas Tsougrianis, Canada – 224
  • 8th Eric Lowery, USA – 216
  • 9th Daniel Greschner, Germany/England – 214
  • 10th Allen Handley, Canada – 212
  • 11th Connor McCaughtrie, Canada – 203
  • 12th Matthew Phillips, Canada – 201
  • 13th Phil Larin, Canada – 195.

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Cloverdale World Freestyle Round-Up Fast Facts

  • The annual Cloverdale competition is one of only five that happens globally and is the biggest one in the world. The other four are held in Germany, Japan, Brazil and the U.S.
  • For the first time in history, the Olympics will feature bowl and street skateboarding events for men and women at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
  • Canadian skater Andy Anderson was recently signed by Powell-Peralta. He has competed all over North America and has won two world championships in freestyle skateboarding – both at the World Round-Up in Cloverdale.

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