(photo courtesy BC Wildfire Service)

Hong Kong, Beijing, Delhi, Los Angeles, Surrey and sadly there are way too many others. All polluted cities where the air is so thick normally healthy people are being advised to limit their activity and exposure. We’re choking South of the Fraser. BC is on fire and while the forests burn we can hardly catch our breath,

Today the provincial government stepped up efforts to support the response by declaring a provincial state of emergency. The state of emergency is initially in effect for 14 days, once issued, and may be extended or rescinded as necessary.

Props to firefighters and support personal.

Currently, more than 3,372 firefighters and contractors are actively engaged in fighting fires in all fire regions of the province. This includes 1,427 BC contract personnel, as well as 436 out-of-province personnel from Alberta, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Parks Canada, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand.

Hot and dry conditions are expected to persist. The toll will be massive. However, the most important thing is taking measures to mitigate any risk to people. Meanwhile, check in on elderly relatives and neighbours, take care of kids and other vulnerable people who may be adversely affected.

Meanwhile, if you have a question about your health while the air advisory is up consult with a health care professional. You may also want to call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 (toll free).

Ian Power