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SNOW!  Just the word sets fear into our little “west coast” hearts.  Here, we are just not prepared for it, even when we are prepared for it.

Schools will typically wait until 6:00 AM to call a snow day and call off school for the day.  I’ve heard differing views on what actually merits a snow day and questions if we are all getting way too soft on our kids?

Do you remember having snow days as a kid?  I don’t really remember if we had snow days or not.  It feels to me like we had much less snow back in the 80s but also, that there were fewer working parents so the snow days did not have the same impact as they do now.

These days so many kids go to school out of catchment or take buses that can’t run in the snow.  There are lots of people who are laughing at our inability to cope in the snow, but the truth is, our snow is just different than the snow in other parts of Canada because of the humidity which makes it difficult to drive in.  Not to mention that many people just don’t get snow tires for two or three days of snow a year. Me being one of them, but I have the option to just not drive.

Most people on my social media feeds think that snow days are necessary – I agree, when the police are telling everyone to “stay home”, you should really stay home if you can.  Teachers are often coming from another city just like any commuter and as such a large employer impacting so many roads, it’s smart of the district to get all those people off the roads.

It is inconvenient for working parents to have to wait until 6AM to find out if it is a snow day or not. Thank goodness my kids are old enough now to stay home alone so it doesn’t impact me, but for those who would have to scramble to find child care and many who leave before 6AM, it can be so stressful.

Many of us have employers that are able to call snow days or work from home.  For those of us who don’t it can be much more challenging – and to be honest, even frustrating when those who can say “just enjoy the snow”.

And then there’s the chaos that ensues when we expect a snow day and don’t get one like today!  Yikes!