Well, we finally put our vacuum to rest this week.

We have 3 kids and a lab who sheds an excessive amount of magical yellow fibres,. As a soccer family, we constantly have the little turf pebbles all over the house. We’re also lucky enough to have a whole number of trees in our yard but they tend to creep into the home.

I finally bought a big ticket vacuum a few years ago and we certainly put it to work. These guys come with great warranties and I had to send that bad boy in for service 3 times before the warranty ran out. But as it got jammed with pine needles and dog hair, it weakened… and while it still functions if you hold down one button and push it around at a certain angle, the time is up.

Appliances big and small are such a big part of ensuring our lives are convenient, but oh, how painful it is to drop big money on them. And the amount of research is painful. Having millions of opinions at hand is so overwhelming!

You can spend as little as $60 or up to thousands on an item like a vacuum. I took to the power of social media, got some recommendations and then hit Amazon.ca to read the reviews. In the end I just had to pick one and pull the trigger. (PS, my Surrey Soccer Dad did not care to share the research detail, although many other dudes did chime in!)

I envy people who can make decisions without having to examine every detail of every option, because in the end, it’s a vacuum. However, I can’t be the only one who thinks this much about vacuums because it was probably one of the popular posts on my social media!  Even though I’m happy, so far, with what we ended up with – spending money on things like vacuums sucks.