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Surrey is Canada’s second-sexiest city.  This is according to PinkCherry, retailer of sexual health and wellness products.  PinkCherry based their rankings on “purchases and consumer behavior patterns” from January to December last year.  The company’s “sex map” shows “the most passionate cities in the country but also which sex toys and pleasurable products Canadians love and enjoy.”

Only Calgary tops Surrey for such sexiness in the nation, apparently.

In a news release the company says, “Surrey showed a lot of love for the classics,”  and apparently our favorite bedroom accessory was handcuffs!

awkward berlin GIF by BVG

Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton are the other top-five sexiest cities in Canada, according to the sales data. No other B.C. city made the “major city” list.

Most popular lube flavours are strawberry, cotton candy and creme brulee, and the most popular “bedroom fantasies” are schoolgirl, French maid and nurse outfits.