If you’re pregnant and notice your man all of a sudden is sporting a little pouch of his own,  turns out he isn’t alone! 

A new study shows most men gain 15 pounds on the journey to fatherhood. 15 pounds! That’s almost two babies – yowza!












The experts say this “baby bulge” can be attributed to a number of reasons –

  1. More late night fast food runs – constantly having to run out to fulfill the wife’s latest random craving for DQ blizzards, Subway, pickle icecream…pickle popcorn, pickle on pickles….9/10s most guys grab a snack or two for himself while he’s at it!

2) Larger portion sizes – eating larger portion sizes to support your partners suddenly ginormous appetite. That, or many times the guy doesn’t even realize he’s reaching for as much as her. “A second serving of spaghetti AND icecream to top it off? This is fun!”

3) Desire to make your baby mama feel better about her own weight gain.  Why should she be the only one having to deal with grunting when getting up or having a constant tight belly?

My fiance Deryck has definitely packed on a good ten pounds since finding out I’m pregnant (five months along now) As it stands our pouches are literally the same size, so much so we’ve joked we should do a fun “Instagram game” called “name the pouch” where people guess whose pouch is whose for the chance to win money ha!

For us – we’ve both simply gotten lazier. Niights once spent spent jogging and hiking are now spent browsing cribs at Toys ‘R’ Us or lounging on the couch watching 90 Day Fiance. Deryck is also  “drinking for two” (hey someone should drink all that extra  wine in our house ha!) so that might have something to do with the weight gain as well.

What about you? Did your partner pack on the pounds when you were pregnant? Weigh in on Facebook!