That Kindness Challenge: Costco Moment

By June 25, 2018Community

As June is so busy, I have been looking for opportunities to put #ThatKindnessChallenge into motion as I rush, rush rush about.  Today, the man behind my $400+ Costco card had just a pack of eggs in his hand. (As an aside – who are these people who go to Costco for ONE THING?!)

I let him go in front of me – this is an easy one because I’ll still be loading things onto the belt while he gets through – it’s not really going to cost me any time or effort. This is something I do on the regular anyway as I’m never “just buying one thing”. (Maybe I’m nosey, but I always check what the person behind me is buying.)

Of course the eggs were broken or something, so it ended up being a few minutes delay for me after all, which had me KIND OF thinking “what a curse my selflessness can be”… but it was maybe two minutes and I managed to get over it.

Do something kind today, just look around and you’ll find a way to give someone a smile!