On top of halloween Saturday night, don’t forget to also also wind back the clocks!

I can hear every 17 year old now ‘Wind a clock? What on earth is that? You know that thing on your kitchen wall?  THAT! Make sure to set that back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night!

Premier Horgan says the NDP is still committed to switching to permanent Daylight Savings Time that would see us wind our clocks forward in the spring and stay there, but says don’t expect it to happen during the pandemic, there’s simply too many other pressing things to focus on. Like an election:p *womp, womp *

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Driving into work this morning, a woman on the radio made a pretty solid case for switching to permanent Standard Time (what we’re doing this weekend), saying it’s more important to have light in the morning for the sake of our mental health than extra light driving home, even going so far as to argue having extra light in the evening hours actually makes it that much harder to fall asleep.

After hearing this, I was sold.

I am a total morning person and love waking up with the sun! Not sure about you but seeing those jolly sunlight rays peering through my curtains gives me that much more energy to jump up and greet the day, so I’m voting Standard Time all the way!

– Vanessa xox