Driving into work this morning,  I was really irked.

A certain Vancouver morning show that is among the rotation I listen to on my way to work does an open phones segment every day where people get the chance to call in and get whatever they want off their chest.

This morning a guy called in to complain about how hard life is for the lower-class, specifically how expensive lawyer fees are making it impossible to sue someone or seek legal justice if you or your family have been wronged.

Another guy called in asking (in his words) why the morning show reports non-stop Omicron news when the number of people infected is relatively small compared to the total population of the province.

Both legit complaints and questions.

You may not agree with the Omicron one but it’s an open phone segment. People (apparently) have the right to voice their opinion.

And both times?

The morning anchors practically laughed and smirked under their breath or changed the topic entirely asking the Omicron caller what kinda music he was playing in the background.

Really? Why have an open phones segment if you aren’t willing to listen? You may not agree with the positions of either callers but not even acknowledging their concerns or trying to understand where they’re coming from completely goes against, in my mind, what broadcasting should be all about.

What really scared me is the entire scene could’ve been straight out of the movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ where two astronomers (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) try to convince the President and media that a gigantic comet is headed straight for the earth but their news falls on deaf ears, with one TV host joking he hopes the comet hits his exes house.

These are serious times we’re in.

People are lonely, frustrated, and straining to be heard.

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but for the sake of humanity, please take the time to listen.

-Vanessa xox