There was a brief moment when my teenager was still more of a kid and we could do activities that were fun for all three kids.  These days, EVERYTHING is “boring”.   Sigh.   With 7, 10 and 13 we had a good run where we could all do a similar activity, but now pumpkin patches and fall fairs are just too “boring”, as teens can no longer be enticed by the prospect of a cool pencil or getting their face painted.

In the early part of the year, as the “cool” factor came into play, things that were initially deemed “BORING”, or “EMBARASSING” could be enjoyed with a soft-sell method.  If we as parents could get our tween there, he just might start to enjoy himself once he’s in the moment.  (Kind of like when I pick the movie.)

However these days, even if he joins us in activities, he will pretty much just stand there with the classic “I’m so bored and so much cooler than this” classic teen stance.  (Easily recognized by any parent: eyes rolled, leaning on something – anything.)

We hit up the Museum Grand Opening this weekend in Surrey.  Dinosaurs are cool, right?  WRONG.  EMBARASSING.   As we were there late afternoon and past lunchtime, I opted to leave and come back without the teen baggage, at which point my 7 year old broke down crying because she was desperate to see the dinosaurs.  (My middle child is just happy to keep the peace and will agree to just about anything.)

So parents, if you’re in a spot where all your children will appreciate the same things, please take a moment and enjoy it and definitely do ALL the things!  The fun factor has an expiry date and you really never know when it is…