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What would you do if you could travel back in time to 1995 at the age you are right now? That’s what Jas and Vanessa asked themselves today!

In a lot of ways, the ’90s was a magical era. It was a time without the internet, smartphones, and memes. It’s almost unimaginable to think about in the day and age that we live in now.

Would you start your day off like Vanessa – playing Donkey Kong and wearing a big scrunchy and leggings?

Would you organize your beanie baby collection, wear glitter body lotion, rock a fanny pack, and blast the New Kids On The Block on your boom box?

Would you rock a grungy style complete with black eyeliner, spiky hair, and torn jeans?

Or would you play with your Smelly Stickers, My Little Pony, or Super Nintendo?

Tell us about your favourite trends from the ’90s and what you think you’d be doing today if it were 1995!