If  you could choose one word to describe 2020 what would it be? Sanitizer? Bubbles? ANXIETY?

If it’s ‘anxiety’ in no way are you alone! Hello sister, it’s safe to best 99% of people are struggling with some kind of anxiety right now – whether it be from the pandemic showing no end in sight, police brutality plaguing the states, record-breaking overdose deaths in BC this year….take your pick!

Or maybe it’s just everyday stuff from not being able to get a good night’s sleep, frustrated with drivers cutting you off, a mom who never stops calling…whatever! We’re all battling our own demons but it doesn’t have to control your life!

Emilie Clarke is a local anxiety coach and host of the ‘Love Your Anxiety’ podcast where she teaches women specifically how to heal their anxiety with her love vs. fear method.

Pulse Mornings Leslie and Scooter spoke to her on tips you can use to finally win the battle over your anxiety. And it all starts with asking yourself one simple question!


Listen to the full interview with Emilie below and make sure to check her out on Insta for more fantastic tips!