There are a lot of things I don’t understand. Some things are easier to like than others. Others, not so much and that applies to people too, I guess. When I sat down to write this blog it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a good old fashioned gripe. The one where you get up on the proverbial soap box and spew your most vitriol thoughts. Can you blame me, nor deny a hearty and prolonged session at the podium given that it is the first week of spring (and spring break) and there is snow in the forecast (at higher terrain — give me a break). The fact is, to me at least it feels more like winter than winter did on most of its miserable and nasty days. The rain pelting down like a poorly orchestrated and out-of-sinc fountain sitting in the corner of a strip mall. And, winds whirling like an unbalanced child’s spinning top and of course to make matters worse frowns abound at every turn, no matter how hard we try. Fortunately this air of despair didn’t last much more than a few fleeting minutes because after all the plate should always be viewed as empty – mama refused to let me and my siblings “waste” food – to view all things in life as opportunities rather than obstacles. It was at this moment, as if the genie found her way out of the bottle that the three wishes I had never asked for were granted. I agree that’s an awkward way to put it, but it just goes to show that sometimes unintended consequences can have a silver lining. Bear with me here and keep in mind I get up very early in the middle of the night to get to work. The first wish if you will was the realization of the date – which means it is my Golden Retriever’s 2nd birthday. She is without a doubt the sweetest person on four legs I have ever met. She brings me immeasurable amounts of joy each and everyday, no matter how glum I may be. The second “wish” came in a box. And, not so much for me, but to share the content of said box with others for a guaranteed smile in return. Simple pleasures. For the record, the box contained (as in past tense) Girl Guide cookies! The third moment of Genie discovery came as a reminder of just how much I love my job. It’s hardly a job, more of a privilege to be part of your morning routine Monday through Friday. To share news and information, speak to outstanding guests, have a barrel of laughs and wrap it up with a hand-picked soundtrack that makes my day pretty spectacular! I may not understand a lot, but I know a few good things!

Ian Power