Keep that lipchap close! Today (Monday, July 6th) is officially #InternationalKissingDay!

A reminder when you get home to sweep your sweetie off her feet and give her a smooch so juicy Spiderman would be jealous!





Despite just being fun – turns out there’s a lot of benefits to a game of tonsil hockey!

It releases serotonin to the brain, reduces stress cortisol levels, and get this ladies – all those feel good hormones can even help cut down on period cramps! Triple win!!







I still remember my first kiss. I was 15 and on a cruise with my family in the Caribbean. I got hanging out with this cute 17 year old guy named Clayton Jackson and on the last night of our voyage, he planted a full smooch on me while sitting on some lawn chairs under the stars. Stuff dreams are made of right? Nope! Hated it! The guy used way too much tongue, I swear he was trying to swallow my face, kinda like this….





Tell us your first kiss story on our Facebook page! Dreamy or a disaster like mine?!

– Vanessa xox