There is no doubt that kids LOVE snow.  Especially here in BC, where the novelty of the weather is probably the biggest excitement.

While there are many reasons for adults to groan at the forecast, one of them is the added chore of accessory management that becomes mandatory when the temperature dips.  Isn’t that why we pay million dollar mortgages?  For the privilege of never having to find that lost mitten?

The key to snow accessory management is timing.  You need to make sure that when they come in from building their 6-inch snowman, they immediately put away the items.  Be sure to have your kids hang up any coats or snowpants and place mittens and boots over a heater vent so that when your child wants to go out again, they’re not sitting in a mushy lump wherever they were dumped off!

In between snow “storms”, store mittens and gloves together in a bin near your coats.  You may want to also periodically check the sizing on those winter boots so that you don’t get surprised by too-small boots when the snow dumps next!

And don’t be too alarmed if your tween kids refuse heavy jackets or are wearing shorts in -5C.   They’re certainly not the only ones out there in shorts.