If you’re not comfortable going trick or treating this year here’s some ideas to still have some festive fun during the pandemic!

#1 – Have a pumpkin carving contest with your family  where everyone throws in a couple bucks into a hat. Then, share the photos with friends and family online and let them choose their favourite!

#2 Stage a fun family photoshop – Adams family, the Jetsons, Ghallager family from shameless – have some fun with it – then send the pics out in a Halloween greeting card!


#3 Get some fun Halloween-themed face masks for the family and wear them out the week leading up to Halloween. Or go one step further and make this year’s costumes ‘pandemic style’ i.e doctor, nurse, toilet paper, hand sanitizer!

Just don’t dress up as COVID-19. That cooooooouuuuuuuld get a little awkward.