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Random thoughts for Dad on Father’s Day:

Dad, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Grandfather, GREAT Grandfather, Friend, Colleague,


Humour, Jazz, Crooners, Comedians,

Teacher, Coach, Enforcer, Empathetic, Caring, Compassionate  ⎯

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Snooker & Bowling Too!

I remember the time he walked in while I was watching curling on TV and he said, don’t tell me what’s happening here because I’m recording this round so I can go back and watch it in slow motion. He loved sports.

He loved a lot of things in life – none more than his family! He and my Mother set the Example Bar pretty high. Value, Values! Forgive, Forget… Life’s Too Short! He always said that … and  “the difference of opinion …. is what makes horse racing.”

Never complained, He always persevered.

Stubborn, Strong and Always On Time. Thank You is two words! I wanted to come up with just the “right” word to describe my dad. “Generous” – in all ways, always and “Kind” ― One of a kind!

I miss him.

Ian Power