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What if someone could invent something to make it easier to motivate ourselves to work out at the gym?  Go for a run at Bear Creek Park? Take a stroll at Crescent Beach?

Well, get this! There is in fact a new motivational product out on the market, and it comes as a fluid in a bottle (and has nothing to do with protein powder or caffeine ok!).

Have you heard about this?

The Daily Mail claims there’s a new fragrance that is designed to increase your desire and ability to work out.

The magazine claims the “Culture of Sport Fragrance” will be available around the world this week.

The female fragrances have a citrus scent with hints of orange mango.

The male colognes have hints of apple, pine, and grapefruit.

And this is supposed to make you want to go to the gym?!

Maybe “working out” that arm, reaching for the food in the fridge…
sorry, but those scents just made us hungry.