With only two and a half weeks ‘til Christmas chances are your kids have drawn up the ol’ Santa wishlist!

The other day my sister texted me what my niece and nephew want this year and let’s just say gone are the days of a simple doll, lego, or just being thankful for anything but coal!

Here’s what my three year old nephew Cassian wrote: “Dear Santa. Can I please have a big tractor trailer with a button on the back to play music and carry things?”

Apparently my eight year old niece Ayva is also on the wheel train. “ Dear Santa can I please have a skateboard with a pack of wolves on it and sturdy wheels?”

A pack of wolves painting?! Let’s hope Santa is quite the Picasso!

According to Buzz Feed here are some other quirky things kids have asked Santa for!

– A unicorn that poops rainbows

  • A remote control buffalo
  • Lasagna – ok who can’t get on board with that one!
  • A live octopus
  • And, a day at the spa as far away from the kids as possible….oops sorry, that’s mom’s list!

– Vanessa xox